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Drill Team of Warren County High School,
McMinnville, TN



Welcome to the Requirements Section. Here we will tell you about what it takes to be on the Silent Thunder Drill Team.

Every 6 weeks, when the report cards arrive, you can only fail 1 class. More than one class means suspensions from Competition until the next report card arrival.

Cadets can only miss 2 practices every 6 weeks. Since there are only 12 practices in that amount of time, it won't be that hard.

Maintain a strict code of conduct. Follow rules, and be obedient. Insubordination may result in the removal from the Drill Team and can result in a Cadet Court Marshall.

Other than that, which is not too hard to do, that's it. We think these rules are more than worthy. They have withstood the times. We think they will continue to be used.

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