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Drill Team of Warren County High School,
McMinnville, TN



Welcome to the Competition Section. This section tells you all about the competitions we go to during the school year.

All High School Drill Teams are required to attend 5 or more competitions during the school year to be elgible to attend the National Drill Team Championships. We attend 5 in our area, they include (dates will be posted later)

Ridgeland, TN
Oakland, TN
McMinnville, TN (our Drill Meet)
Knoxville, TN (overnight)
Chattanooga, TN
and then,
Daytona, FL (National Drill Meet; overnight)

Notice that two of these Drill Meets are overnight trips. Keep in mind that we have a "Female Team" and a "Male Co-Ed Team". ALL male cadets are roomed seperately from female cadets. In each room, there is either a Chaperone or a Senior Staff Member to command a room. We assure you, our cadets pay strict attention to discipline.

The Knoxville tripd is just a one-night stand. We arrive around 12:00p.m. and get settled in our rooms. Practice that night and eat lunch, get up the next morning, pack the bus, get our uniforms on, and go to the competition. Then journey back home.

The Nationals at Daytona, FL. is usually a 4-night trip. Cadets are free to do as they please, ONLY if the SAI, AI, or one of the Chaperones lets the SAI, or AI know. Also, 3 cadets have to stay in a group to do things. Means of transportation there are: Trolley, City Bus, Beach Rentals (Daytona lets you drive on the beach), and Walking.

The Heavyweight Drill Team only performs one-day, while the Lightweight drill team performs the following 2-3 days, and the Heavyweight drill teams gets to rest. Big attractions are: Laser Tag, Shopping, Drill Meet, GO Carts, Put-Put Golf, Beach Rentals, and Many others.

Each trip, no matter if overnight or not, has to have an agreement signed by a legal guardian before dismissal for trip. All this agreement is, is a permission slip. On the out-of-state trips (which now only includes Daytona, FL), has to be Notorized. The parent not only has to sign it, but has to get it Notorized. If your parent cannot find a person that can notorize a document, the department can suggest one.

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