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Drill Team of Warren County High School,
McMinnville, TN



Welcome to the Categories section. This section tells you what kind of teams are available in the Silent Thunder Drill Team.

The Entire Silent Thunder Drill Team is commanded by C/Lt. Col. Matthew Wallace, who is also the Commander of the local Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron. He decides for the most part, who goes where, but you have a choice of what you want to do, but in the end you are probably going to be chosen to serve in other teams within Silent Thunder as well.

You can see pictures of the Exhibition Platoon, Exhibition Squad, and the Color Guard in PicGallery1. Pictures of IDR Platoon and some Inspection Pictures are in PicGallery2

IDR Squad- This consists of no exhibition (spinning, tossing, etc.) movements, just the standard marching and facing commands. It is performed un-armed and armed. We don't usually have an un-armed division, but the un-armed division is done without a rifle. The armed division is done with the current M1-A1 Garand Rifle (You can see a picture of the M1 Rifle in the Pic Galleries). These rifles are equipped with plastic stocks to make them durable. We are currently equipped with 40 rifles. Our heaviest rifle only weighs at the most of 11 pounds. There are rumors about these rifles cutting cadets' finger, let me assure you, they are only rumors. We still have all of our fingers, you might be suprised. IDR Squad is performed with no less than 9 cadets including commander. By the way, IDR stands for Individual Drill Regulation.

Exhibition Squad- This one is considered the most fun of them all. It also has an un-armed and armed division. We never have had an un-armed division, it is without a rifle, and can exceed what's in the drill regulation manual (FM 22-5). We have a well-trained armed division. Armed Exhibition is done with a M1-A1 Garand Rifle, weighing approx. 11 lbs. . The rifle is tossed no more than 1 spin in our current routine. There are some difficult moves contained in our routine. We have not yet failed to train a new recruit in under 4-5 months. Let me tell you now, this is really easy once you are not afraid of the rifle. Once you get the hang of it, you can win exhibition individuals, which I'll get to later. Exhibition squad is performed with no less than 9 cadets including commander.

IDR Platoon- Same as IDR Squad except with no less than 13 cadets including a commander.

Exhibition Platoon- Same as Exhibition Squad except with no less than 13 cadets including a commander.

Color Guard- This is and IDR Team (Standard, no tossing or spinning of the rifles), juiced up. The Color Guard normally wears a pistol bealt, and a Chrome Helmet. The Color Guard "Posts the Colors" which means Put's up and takes down the Flags. They carry the United States Flag, and have a choice of what other flag to carry. Some Color Guards are performed with 5 cadets, carrying 3 Flags, and 2 Guards (the Guards carry the Rifles). The cadet carrying the American Flag (usually the Command Seargent Major), calls the commands, everyone else follows. We perform out Color Guard with 4 cadets, 2 Flagsmen, and 2 Guards. We carry the American Flag and the Tennessee Flag. Color Guard is a precise, elite Team, only the few make it into the Color Guard.

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